The Numbing 

Book One


There is evidence of an Ancient Northern ritual; a trial. The defendant would be pushed into freezing water. If they lived through it, they were innocent. If the water turned them to ice, they were guilty. It was called The Numbing.


Ten years ago The Kingdom quelled a brutal rebellion. The rebels were executed and their children exiled to the Glass Fortress in the deadly far North. At the right age, these children are given a Test. They either pass and return to the Kingdom or fail and live out the rest of their lives in the cold.


One day, in the middle of a vicious blizzard, the Glass Fortress is attacked by Ferals; monstrous creatures that inhabit the North. The children, now young adults, find themselves forced to flee into the unforgiving Northern woods. Will they make it back to the Kingdom, or will they take this chance to escape their jailers? Will they survive long enough to decide? Because they don’t only have the Ferals and frost to fear, but each other.