The Surreality Series

Surreality is a series of Young Adult fantasy novels set in a post-apocalyptic world. In this world, the Hunters are law. They are the only humans with the meticulous training required to deal with the new, deadly, supernatural plague that humanity must face: ghosts. With powers beyond imagining, these phantoms have become the prime terror in a nearly deserted world. They have taken over towns, cities, killed millions — and with every kill their ghastly ranks only grow. The Hunters are quickly becoming outnumbered, despite rigorous training and employment of youth. The series follows these youth, who travel through a treacherous land plagued not only by apparitions but supernatural monsters and mysterious witches. They are searching for a way to defeat the phantoms for good; a feat that seems impossible. On the way they encounter a group of young siblings, shrouded in supernatural mystique. Together, the Hunters and the siblings embark on a journey to unravel the secrets of their society and world, and to uncover the past that has made this nightmarish universe a reality.


On creating the series:


"The idea for the story came from my love of fantasy, the supernatural, post-apocalyptic settings and video games. Video games played a huge role, because what twenty first century teenager doesn’t enjoy living vicariously through pixilated characters whose only job is to fight monsters and save the world? I wanted to incorporate the fun and ease of video games into this story, which I’d never tried to do before. I also wanted a good plot, of course, but more than that I wanted good characters. Characters come before plot. They can tell me a story, whether it's their own story or that of someone else. What can a plot do? It can't speak. It's just sort of there, and it's there because of the characters. With this in mind, I wanted a story focussed on characters, with the fun of survival in a post apocalyptic setting, sprinkled with video game action and flow. Hallow Hour is what came out of that desire, and I’m glad it did. I had a lot of fun writing it, which is honestly my main motivation for writing. It’s fun. The most fun. I can’t wait to write the rest of the story."

Hallow Hour

The first novel in the Surreality series is Hallow Hour. In this novel, a pair of young hunters — a brother and sister — meet a girl who seemingly has the power to destroy ghosts. For good! Due to unfortunate circumstances, the girl and her siblings end up travelling with the hunters and their squadron —  but, with one sister who can kill phantoms, and another who can sense ghosts as well as communicate with monsters, is this orphaned family really as innocent as it appears? And how can the hunters possibly convince this girl to reveal her phantom killing secrets, when she makes it quite clear she doesn’t trust them in the least?

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New Year

Two years have passed since Tai and her siblings joined the ghost hunters of Unit Q17. The family of orphans is settling into a new life at Hunters City, away from ghosts, hellcats, and witches.


But a rift is opening between celebrity ghost hunter Kanta and his daredevil little sister Mid. As the distance between them grows, both become unwittingly entangled in a vicious plot that could rock the hunters and their City to the core.


On the eve of the hunters' annual New Year celebrations, Tai makes a shattering discovery about the past that threatens her family. She'll risk everything to keep them alive. Will it be enough?

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In the wake of a devastating New Year's Eve, everyone has scattered. Mid is in enemy hands. Kanta is desperate to find her, but is forbidden by the Association. Tai is closer than ever to learning the truth about her family's dark past and the curse that haunts them.


But are the rebels really Mid's enemies? And what will Kanta do when he must choose between bringing Tai home or bringing her to justice? Will he get a chance to decide, when Tai is pursuing the one ghost she can never destroy? In a journey wrought with phantoms, witches, and the curse of the Ghost Gods, will anyone survive to be reunited?

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Into Surreality


Into Surreality is the fourth and final installment of the Surreality series. Follow Mid, Kanta and Tai as they try to save their families and the New World in the ghost battle to end them all.


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