Midgard: A junior hunter with Squad Q17. Spunky and sarcastic, Mid's ghost-battling weapon of choice is a pair of dual plasma pistols. She loves collecting Old World Artifacts and her dream is to become a better hunter than her brother.


Bear: A mutant rock giant. Almost eight feet tall, Bear is a hulking humanoid figure made entirely of stone. He has no mouth and his only vulnerable point, his eyes, are protected by a gas mask. His weapon of choice is a pair of plasma powered knuckles, a variation on brass knuckles. He's Mid's ghost fighting partner.


Kanta: Mid's older brother and senior in Squad Q17. A hunting prodigy, Kanta's charasmatic and flirtatious nature has earned him many admiriers. His weapon of choice is a plasma katana, specially modified by Kite for ghost fighting. Kanta has Ghost Eyes, which allow him to see ghosts without plasma goggles.


Tai: An orphaned villager with the power to kill ghosts. A hot-tempered loner, Tai spends most of her time in the Haunted City near her village, clearing it of ghosts using her crimson flamethrower, Firefly. Tai hates hunters and the Hunter Association and wants nothing to do with them.


Brighton: Tai's easy-going twin brother. While Tai is off killing ghosts Brighton stays at home and looks after their younger siblings. He knows better than anyone how to calm Tai down.


Paige: Tai's younger sister. Paige is shy and meek, but also in posession of super heightened ghost senses. She makes and sells ghost protection charms on occasion.


Alton and Grippa: Tai's youngest siblings and another set of twins. They're often referred to as the 'Mini Twins' by the rest of their family.


Kite: Mid and Kanta's younger cousin. Kite travels with Squad Q17 modifying plasma weapons and helping Wendy. Kanta calls him "Boy Genius."


Wendle: Squad Q17's Plasma Technician. Wendy has been friends with Kanta and Mid for years, and is a fan and collector of Old World artifacts.


Thalus: The Commander of Q17, as well as Kite's father and Mid and Kanta's uncle. Thalus is an aloof man who is a stickler for following Hunter Asscoiation Protocal.


Mist: Thalus's second in command and a senior member of Squad Q17. She tends to keep to herself when not discussing Squad activity with Thalus. An exceptional hunter.


Rudy: A senior member of Squad Q17 with a soft spot for Mid and Kanta. She hates cooking shifts.


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