Hallow Hour

Chapter I


“Why do kids like to sit in the back row?”


Midgard pressed her hand against the wall separating the two classrooms. If someone sitting in the back row in the next room were to turn around and touch their own hand against the wall, they would be palm to palm with her.


Mid tilted her head to the side, gazing up at the towering companion beside her, “Why do you think that is, Bear?”

Bear remained as silently stoic as always.


“Maybe,” Mid mused, “It’s because they like to hide from the teachers?” the girl cringed a little here, “I can understand that.


“Or maybe...” Mid went on, stroking her chin, “It’s because they like having their back to the wall. That way, they know no one’s behind them, watching.”


Mid grinned up at her companion, “Except us, right Bear?”


Saying this, the girl stretched out the neon green glazed goggles resting on her forehead and snapped them over her eyes.


Immediately, the wall was washed away and the classroom beyond came into view. Five rows. Six seats per row. All except one filled with pale blue entities.


“Twenty-nine. Can’t see a teacher. Think he’s hiding, Bear?” Mid swivelled her head, scanning the hall outside and the classroom behind her, “Nope. We’re clear.”


Mid smiled up at Bear, “Ready?”


Bear made no reply.


“Good.” Mid said, sliding out the twin pistols from her belt. They were silver, with clear tubes embedded on the sides containing bright green liquid. Her ammo. “Me too.”


Twirling the pistols, Mid stretched out her arms and aimed at the wall, “After you, Bear.”


Taking the incentive, Bear took two lumbering steps forward and, raising his arms, smashed through the wall.

Bricks went flying as a cloud of dust billowed around the entry Bear had created. Heedless of the debris, Bear pounded into the room, his steps easily equalling two of Mid’s, who was scampering along behind him.


Through her goggles, Mid could see the apparitions turn to them, faces first shocked, then furious.


Funny, Mid thought, If I were them I’d be happy to have class interrupted.